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mochii specifications

Inside mochii - technical specifications and details

A miniature stage for all of your travels

Mochii™ comes out of the box fully-featured and ready for your explorations.

With its unique wireless tablet interface, your investigations are untethered from your Mochii™ scanning electron microscope. Bring your tablet to a meeting across the building or even across the country and explore your samples at the nanoscale, back at home.
Or bring your Mochii™ with you. Smaller and lighter than both advanced light and electron microscopes, the Mochii™ can travel. As the smallest production electron microscope in the world, Mochii™ can fit in a suitcase and easily in the overhead bin of an airplane. Bring your Mochii™ to your samples in the field - image wherever your investigations may take you.

SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Mochii's unique technology is patented and patent-pending.

mochii upgrades

Add additional power to your mochii unit. Upgrade and enhance your imaging.

  • Upgrade Options
  • 4-axis (X-Y-Z-Tilt) stage with integrated in-column sample coater
  • Mochii portable power supply
  • Field-ready flight case