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Meet mochii, the world’s smallest production electron microscope.
Measure, calibrate, identify.
Mochii gives you access to the nanoscale - understand the natural world and create new engineered systems. 

meet mochii

See the world as you've never seen it before.

Mochii™ is a new type of microscope that helps scientists, explorers, technologists, teachers, and learners see the natural world closer and more effectively than ever before.

For  nearly a century, powerful nano-imaging has enabled elite scientists, engineers, and researchers to understand the natural world, engineer new materials, build microchips, study implants, and develop new drugs. Mochii brings this capability to all users.

Collaborators in the same room and in different countries can do more than simply share images: they can explore specimens together and analyze results in real-time! Mochii™'s wireless experience and its unique tablet-based software tools enable effortless exploration... together.


effortless exploration


A whole new way to explore the nanoscale.

Mochii™'s unique tablet-based interface permits easy navigation of your specimen with a tap of a finger. Survey quickly and capture detail using automated features within the tool. Obtain impactful images effortlessly and share results with stakeholders instantly. Investigate your specimen simultaneously with colleagues around the world, collaboratively annotating specimen features and marking measurements in real-time.

"The gift of the great microscopist is the ability to think with the eyes and see with the brain."
Daniel Mazia, Cell Biologist